Domains For Sale

These websites don't exist -- or never existed. if you are interested, call (480) 447-1881 and leave a message with your full name, phone number, and an Email address, along with which domain you are interested in. I'll get back to you, typically within 24 hours.

This domain name is available. I got it on an auction site, but never did anything with it.

This web site was active during early 2018, while Senate Bill 1080 was in the Arizona legislature. Once the bill was pulled from active consideration, this web site was shut down.

This web site was active in 2015, when a bill was in the Arizona legislature proposing to start Daylight Saving Time in Arizona. As I like to say, "We don't need any more stinking sunshite here!" After Senator Lovas agreed to pull this bill from active consideration, this site was shut down.

Other former web sites

Sorry, I used to own these domain names, but no longer own them. They might be available through domain name auction channels. and

These sites were active in 2017 as prototypes for a Tucson-based organization which promoted growing plants native to Arizona.

Other inactive sites are in the process of being pointed here shortly.